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Manage your virtual airline on FSAirlines. The FSAirlines Flight Tracker connects your flight simulator with the online crew-center. Each flight has a direct impact on your virtual airline statistics!

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FSAirlines - a fresh new start!

Hello to all Pilots and Virtual Airline Managers,

as you might have experienced in the last few months we, the FSAirlines Team, did not manage to provide the support & communication that we would have liked to.

This was due to all of us starting new jobs in our "real lives", which took up the time we would have needed for our daily FSAirlines tasks.

Although it is not an easy task to run a big platform like FSAirlines in part-time, we still love our virtual airline manager and are planning to make it a lot more awesome in the future!
FSAirlines is far from dead!

We are glad to announce our measures which we are going to set in place in the coming weeks in order to improve the overall quality & user-experience of FSAirlines:

  1. Automated handling of "Cheated-Flights"
    "Cheated-Flights" can be caused by a multitude of problems. In most cases the corrupted flight-data is not intended by the pilot or airline.
    Still the number of flights marked as cheated go into the hundreds every month and need manual actions by an admin every single time.
    In most cases the required action could have been determined & executed by an automated script.
    We are happy to tell you that we have already written this automated script, which is currently being tested on our beta-system and will soon be active in the productive system.
  2. Democratization of Airport / Aircraft-Type edit-requests
    Another time consuming admin-task is the review of new airports/aircraft-types or the editing of existing ones.
    We are going to introduce a community-vote system for such tasks.
    This means, that edits to our database are (dis-)approved automatically when a certain amount of pilots (from different virtual airlines) vote for/against it.
    This will lead to less delay between a change-request and it's realization.
  3. New website & crew-center
    For the last few months we were working on a completely revamped FSAirlines website & crew-center.
    Finally we are in a stage where we can present you the hard work.
    The new system improves the overall user-interface and usability of FSAirlines.
    You can check out the new system at beta.fsairlines.net/crewcenter.

Best regards,
your FSAirlines Team!

DaKurt, 09.05.2015

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FSAirlines - Virtual Airline Manager

FSAirlines allows you to mange your virutal airline as realsitically as possible! FSAirlines Flight-Tracker connects directly to your flight simulator and uses this data to compute your virtual airline's metrics.

The FSAirlines Crew Center offers you an easy way to manage all aspects of your virtual airline:

  • hire real pilots, set their sallary and assign type-ratings
  • buy, sell & lease airplanes and build your fleet
  • create flight plans & manage finances
  • partner up with other virtual airlines
  • advertise your virtual airline on FSAirlines
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Flight-Tracker - Connect to your Flight Simulator

The Flight-Tracker records all your flight simulator flights in real time and transfers the flight data to the FSAirlines Crew Center.

The flight data is used to compute the revenue for each flight, analyze aircraft wear, measure fuel consumption and provides many more metrics needed for a realistic virtual airline simulation

  • connects to your flight simulator & records your flight data
  • helps you refuel your aircraft (fuel for each aircraft is peristed in our db)
  • anti-cheat mechanisms detect unrealistic flights (teleportation, refueling during flight...)
  • supports Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane
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Crew Center - Manage, book & fly

The FSAirlines Crew Center offers you an easy way to manage your virtual airline, book a flight and analyze it's metrics.

The Crew Center is a modern web-application running in your browser.

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Start to manage your own virtual airline now!