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Member airline(s) Air Mermaid, ANZAS, Australian Coast to Coast Virtual Airlines (ACTCVA), Breeze Airways, Edmonton Airways, Executive Airlines, Kwagga Virtual, MBL Airways, North Airways, Pacific Island Airways, Turkish Golden VA
Founded 19 April, 2008
Last updated on 24 February, 2009
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The Intercontinental Global Alliance, usually refered to as IGA, is currently the largest alliance of virtual airlines on the FSAirlines network. IGA provides a way for airlines to work together for a common purpose. Airlines can request partnerships with each other and codeshare routes to gain an extra 10% revenue. Members are also able to benefit from mutual cooperation in leases, aircraft purchases, and a friendly flight simulation environment.
North Airways CRJ-900 in IGA Livery


IGA was founded on April 19, 2008 as a collaboration between four founding airlines: North Airways, Turkish Golden VA, African Explorer Airlines, and Pacific Island Airways. The goal of the alliance was to create a place for mutual cooperation of airlines without restricting airlines' rights. Airlines are not restricted on location, routes, pilots, fleet, or realism. All airlines are welcome to participate in IGA's global affairs.


IGA currently has three states of membership.

IGA Founding Member

IGA Founding Members are the original four founding members of the alliance. This includes North Airways, Turkish Golden VA, and Pacific Island Airways.

Air Mermaid was originally a Member Airline, but it is now considered by the alliance to be a de facto Founding Member.

African Explorer Airlines was one of the original four founding members, but the airline is now defunct and not listed in the FSAirlines database. For all executive purposes, Air Mermaid has taken the position of African Explorer Airlines.

IGA Member Airline

IGA Member Airlines are airlines that have joined and passed inspection and a vote by fellow IGA members. Member airlines are subject to reasonable requirements which benefit the airline and the alliance.

Current IGA Member Airlines include Breeze Airways, Executive Airlines, ANZAS (Australia and New Zealand Air Service), Kwagga Virtual, Australian Coast to Coast Virtual Airlines (ACTCVA), Edmonton Airways, and MBL Airways.

IGA Beginning Member

IGA Beginning Membership is available to any airline that doesn't meet the requirements to become a full IGA Member Airline. Beginning Members are given funds and cheap leases to help build up their fleet and finances so they can emerge as strong IGA Member Airlines in the future.

Currently IGA does not have any beginning members.

IGA Charter

All rules, requirements, and restrictions are governed by the IGA Charter. The current charter, version 4.0, can be found at

Logos and Livery

IGA's main logo is the Globally Interconnected icon. The icon features an open globe representing the unlimited possibilities and benefits included with joining IGA.

IGA members are encouraged to paint a few aircrafts in the IGA Standard Livery. The standard livery is a white fuselage with the words INTERCONTINENTAL GLOBAL ALLIANCE painted in a bold font. The IGA Icon is painted in the very front of the aircraft, while the vertical stabilizer is the airline's personal design.
Air Mermaid Boeing 777
All members are assigned a forum signature banner to be used at all times in the FSAirlines forum. These currently come in four styles: Ocean, Golden, Forest, and Earth. All signatures display a members' airline, graphical location, and membership status.
North Airways Signature Banner

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