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North Airways at a Glance
CEO John Well
Chief Officers
Salary Percentage 20-40%
Alliance Affiliation IGA
Founded 17 March, 2008
Last updated on 7 March, 2009
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North Airways, ICAO code NHA, is a domestic and international virtual airline servicing North America. It currently operates flights from its three hubs at Detroit (KDTW), Las Vegas (KLAS), and Dallas (KDFW). The airline is a major operator of reginal and mid-body aircrafts like the CRJ-900 and the Boeing 737-900. It is a founding member IGA, the largest alliance on the FSAirlines network.


North Airways was founded on March 17, 2008 by John Well. The airline leased its first aircraft, a Boeing 737-900, from Manchester International Airways. From there, the North Airways fleet has grown to 33 aircrafts. Two hubs, Detroit and Dallas, were the center of the hub and spoke operations of North Airways. As the airline expanded, a third hub at Las Vegas was established to accomodate the growing fleet and lack of flights in the Western USA.
North Airways Boeing 737-900ER

Today, flights depart and land from the three hubs as well as two three focus cities: Miami (KMIA), Honolulu (PHNL), and St. Maarten (TNCM). International flights outside of North America are conducted with North Airways aircraft, but using IGA codeshares.

The airline is a 1x airline, recommending all flights to be conducted at 1x time acceleration, although most flights are permitted to as high as 4x.


North Airways currently has three different liveries for its aircrafts. The "Polaris Livery," shown above, is the original and standard livery of all North Airways aircrafts. Aircrafts servicing the Western USA and the Pacific and Southeast Asia routes have the "Pacific Livery," which has a Hawaiian Flower instead of the normal design on the vertical stabilizer. Aircrafts that consistently fly codeshares for North Airways' partner airlines and IGA airlines have the "IGA Standard" Livery.
North Airways Boeing 737-900 in Pacific Livery
North Airways Bombardier CRJ-900

Midland Express

Midland Express is a regional feeder airline fully owned by North Airways. Midland Express operates a fleet of Beechcraft Baron 58s and Beechcraft King Air 350s from Midland (KMAF) and Dallas (KDFW). Its aircraft are painted in a scheme similar to North Airways', but with the Midland Express nametag. All other Beechcraft aircrafts not at KDFW or KMAF are in the normal North Airways paint scheme.

Karamja Karrier

Karamja Karrier, ICAO Code KRJ, is a wholly owned subsidary of North Airways. Karamja Karrier operates flights suited for the business class. Its Business Flights service commuter flights on the Bombardier Learjet 45. KRJ's Elite Class flights service long range domestic and international flights on modified Boeing 737-700 Business Jets and Boeing 747-400ER Business Jets.


North Airways
Aircraft Total Passengers Routes Notes
Airbus A330-300 1 335 Pacific, Southeast Asia
Boeing 747-8I 0 (5 Orders) 467 Pacific, Asia, Australia Will replace entire Boeing 747-400 fleet in 2011
Boeing 747-400ER 0 (1 Orders) 416 Pacific, Asia, Australia Will be replaced by Boeing 747-8I
Boeing 747-400D 0 (2 Orders) 568 North America Will be replaced by Boeing 747-8I
Boeing 737-900 4 177 Domestic USA, Canada, Mexico
Boeing 737-900ER 4 (4 Orders) 180 Domestic USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean
Boeing 787-8 0 (8 Orders) 210 North America, Pacific Delivery in 2010
Bombardier CRJ-900 4 (11 Orders) 86 Regional USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean
Bombardier CRJ-700 1 70 Domestic USA, Canada Will retire in June 2009
Douglas DC-3 3 36 Regional Will retire in June 2009
Beechcraft King Air 350 9 (11 Orders) 9 Regional
Beechcraft Baron 58 9 (16 Orders) 5 Regional
Total 34 (59 Orders)