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Premium accounts are the system as of Jan 1st, 2010 that was put in place as a form of membership. Each Virtual airline requires one Platinum active account in order to stay active. There are no limitations on the number of flights based on account type but there are limitations of what each user is able to do on the site.

Account Types

There are three types of accounts: Standard, Gold and Platinum.

Standard Account

On 1st of January 2010 all currently registered accounts will automatically be converted to a Trial Platinum Account for a period of 2 weeks. If by the end of this time you have not upgraded to a full Platinum account your account will revert to a Standard account.

Airlines which do not have at least one Platinum member will be set inactive. Standard accounts are completely free, but do have three limitations:

  • Cannot run an airline
  • Cannot use special premium features
  • Will see more advertisements on the site

Gold Account

The Gold account is optional and gives you the possibility to use some special features. We are currently working on such features and will announce more details in the near future. Gold membership has one limitation:

  • Cannot run an airline

Platinum Account

The Platinum account gives you all features which are included in the Gold account and additionally allows you to run an airline on FSAirlines. An Airline is marked as active, if at least one member of the VA has a Platinum account. The Platinum membership does not have any limitations.

Payment Modalities

In order to become a Premium Member (Gold or Platinum) you will need a PayPal account as we are going to use the secure 'PayPal Subscriptions & Recurring Payments' system for all payments.

This system offers you following advantages:

  • easily manage your subscription using PayPal
    • PayPal offers you an overview of executed and upcoming payments
    • PayPal takes care of all your outstanding payments
  • only minutes after subscribing you will be able to use all Premium features (no latency period)
  • unsubscribe whenever you want
    • no minimum run-time (every subscription can be canceled immediately)
    • after unsubscribing you will still be a Premium Member for the duration you already paid for


There are two types of discounts available on Premium accounts, donations and early subscribers.


Members who in the past have been generous enough to donate to FSAirlines (or to FlyNET) will be given a credit equal toward their Premium Memberships twice the amount they donated.

Early Subscribers

Pilots who subscribe for a Platinum membership in the first month, between 1.1.2010 and 31.1.2010, will be given an extra discount! This discount will last for all payments until the pilot cancels the subscription.

For more details on discounts please have a look at our Pricing-Table.

Pricing Table


Payment every Cost Savings/year (compared to monthly)
1 month 1.00€ per month None
3 months 2.50€ per 3 months 2.00€ (equals ∼0.20€/month)
1 year 6.00€ per year 6.00€(equals ∼0.50€/month)


Payment every Cost Savings/year (compared to monthly) Discount (only January 2010) Savings/year (with discount)
1 month 3.50€ per month None 2.80€(∼20% off) 2.80€(∼20% off)
3 months 9.00€ per 3 months 6.00€ (equals ∼0.50€/month) 7.65€(∼15% off) 11.40€ (equals ~0.75€/month)
1 year 30.00€ per year 12.00€ (equals ∼1.00€/month) 27.00€(∼10% off) 15.00€ (equals ~1.25€/month)