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The airport database of FSAirlines contains about 8,000 different airports from all over the world. You can view the full list of airports in one country in the Crew Centre under Database. Usually you should find your favourite airports, but if not, you can find a link Add new aiport on the Airports page.

Add new airport

There is a link Add new airport on the Airports page under Database. Each airport you send will be reviewed by an admin first. Be sure to have the following info at hand.


Full name of the airport. This should be what you find on the airport's charts.


IATA code of airport. Don't enter anything if airport doesn't have an IATA code.


ICAO code of airport. If the airport doesn't have an ICAO code, please contact an admin as the system needs ICAO codes to work with.


Choose the size which fits best.


The airport's city.


The country the airport belongs to.

Lat (degrees)

The degree value of the Latitude.

Lat (minutes)

The minute value of the Latitude.

Lat (seconds)

The second value of the Latitude.

Lat (N/S)

North or South.

Lon (degrees)

The degree value of the Longitude.

Lon (minutes)

The minute value of the Longitude.

Lon (seconds)

The second value of the Longitude.

Lon (W/E)

West or East.


Altitude of the airport (in feet).

Runway lengths

Enter all the lenghts of the airports runways. For example 12000 + 6000.

Airport population

Enter the population of the surrounding area.