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Before you can jump into your cockpit you have to book a flight on the Book Flight page first. Depending on your current location and your Type-Ratings you can choose between different routes and airplanes.

Select route

First you have to select the route you want to fly. If you're flying for a bigger airline you can restrict the shown routes to a certain destination airport and/or a single aircraft type.

Select aircraft

Having selected the route you can choose between the aircraft available for the flight and finish your booking. After that you have 24h to start the flight (If you start the flight and abort it you have another 24h). If you don't start the flight within the 24h your booking will be automatically deleted which will be punished by a fine.

Reasons why you can't book any flights

A flight must be bookable in order to show up in the list of flights. This means that the following points must apply:

  • You are at the departure airport
  • There is a route in the flight plan with this departure airport
  • The aircraft specified in the route is at the departure airport
  • You have a Type-Rating for this aircraft
  • You have the right to use the fleet the aircraft is in