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There are some settings you can change directly in the Client by clicking on Options. Don't forget to click on Save changes having changed some values.

General Client Settings

automatic login at startup

The Client saves your username and password and logs in automatically at startup.

use simple fueling method

On the refuel page you just enter how much fuel you want instead of having to set up each fuel tank.

play sounds

Sounds (buttons and end flight sound) are activated.

Flight Simulator interface

Choose which interface is used to communicate with the Flight Simulator: Automatic (the Client tries one after another), FSUIPC or SimConnect.

In Flight Settings

flight monitor tracking

If activated, the Client sends regular position updates to the website (to update the Flight Monitor) during your flight. This function sometimes causes trouble if there is a bad internet connection, so try turning it off if you experience problems with the Client (e.g. blank screen).

display text in Flight Simulator

Show text messages about flight state, failures and penalties inside your Flight Simulator. This doesn't affect the 'abort' message which is always shown if you try to cheat on a flight.