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During a flight the Client creates a text file with information about the events for later debugging. This information is very helpful when trying to pinpoint a Client bug. So if you experience any problems, please be sure to always send this file with your bug report. The following listing shows where the file is stored depending on the Client version and O/S.

Hint: If you can't find the file on Vista/Windows 7 systems, please run the Client using administrator mode.

Version-number Client Location
2.0.0 Standalone FSAirlines directory\fsairlines_debug.out
FS9/FSX Plugin & X-Plane 9 FS directory\fsairlines_debug.out
2.0.2b and later All Windows Releases My documents\FSAirlines\fsairlines_debug.txt
X-Plane 9 - Mac OSX X-Plane 9 directory/fsairlines_debug.txt