Flight Rating

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After each flight you (the pilot) get a flight rating which indicates how well you perfomed. It depends on several criteria and is used to calculate the Pilot Rating.


If you don't make any mistakes you will get 100% and with each of the following Penalties your rating will get reduced by a certain percentage:

  • Taxi speed exceeds 25kts (5kts tolerance): -5%
  • Landed at wrong airport: -15% + -5 Airline reputation
  • Aircraft crashed: -50% + -20 Airline reputation
  • Parking brakes not set at end of flight: -5%
  • Speed exceeds 250kts below FL100 (10kts and 100ft tolerance): -5%
  • Landing lights on above FL100 or 3000ft AGL, the higher value is taken (100ft tolerance): -5%
  • Landing lights off below 1000ft AGL (100ft tolerance): -5%
  • Aircraft out of fuel: -15% + -5 Airline reputation