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The flightplan is where you can view and edit all the routes of your airline.

Pilot features

As a pilot you can choose which aircraft types and airports (departure apt) are shown, so you can easily navigate a large flightplan.

CEO features

As CEO or pilot having the necessary rights you can add or edit routes on this page.

Insert route

Here you can add a single new route with following data


The Flightnumber (max. 7 characters).


The ICAO-code of the departure airport.


The ICAO-code of the arrival airport.

Departure time

The time of departure.

Arrival time

The time of arrival.


Choose on which days the flight should be conducted. FSAirlines doesn't check if you're really flying on these days, to stick with the published days is voluntary for the pilots who like it as real as it gets.

Route (opt.)

Enter a routing for the flight. A good source is for example: http://rfinder.asalink.net/

Remarks (opt.)

Enter some optional remarks for the pilot

A/C Type

Select all the aircraft types you want to be able to fly this route. Only aircraft types you currently own are listed here.


Select a single aircraft of your fleet if you want only this one to be able to fly that route.

Max sim-rate

Select a maximum simulation rate you want to allow for this route. Remember that you get a bonus on each flight which is flown at x1/x2/x4.

Type of flight

Choose whether you want the flight to be a normal scheduled flight or a trainig flight which doesn't have any (positive or negative) consequences for the airline.

Limit flights

If you want this flight to be automatically deleted after a certain amount of flights you can set that here.

Limit passengers

Limit the passengers to a certain amount.

Limit cargo

Limit the cargo to a certain amount.

Import/Export flightplan

Import a flightplan from a cvs-file or export it to a html-table, cvs-file or kml-file (Google Earth).

Edit individual route

Click on the edit-button next to a flight to edit this individual route.

Delete individual route

Click on the delete-button next to a flight to delete this individual route.

Edit/Delete selected routes

You don't have to do all the changes individually for each flight if you're always doing the same changes. Just select all the flights you want to edit and choose between the different option under Selected flights.