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The multiplier is a factor which is multiplied by the flight profit to determine the income for the virtual airline. It has been added to make it easier for the airlines to grow and buy new aircraft. Real airlines do hundreds of flights a day, so on FSAirlines you can do one flight, but the income you get is the same as if you did this flight for example 50 times.

Maximum possible multiplier

To make it easier for new airlines to built up a decent fleet the maximum possible multiplier depends on the overall airline value (cash+aircraft) and gets lower the bigger an airline grows. We say maximum possible multiplier because an airline can always manually set it lower for a more realistic simulation.

This is how the maximum possible multiplier is calculated:

  • airline value < 500,000,000v$  : 1000
  • airline value < 1,000,000,000v$  : 500
  • airline value < 2,000,000,000v$  : 400
  • airline value < 3,000,000,000v$  : 300
  • airline value < 4,000,000,000v$  : 200
  • airline value < 5,000,000,000v$  : 100
  • airline value < 10,000,000,000v$ : 50
  • airline value > 10,000,000,000v$ : 25

Edit the multiplier

CEOs or pilots who have the rights to edit VA settings can change the multiplier on the edit VA settings page. The multiplier can be either set to dynamic which means that always the maximum possible value is taken or to a fixed value less than the maximum possible value. But remember that if you set it to a fixed value and your airline's value raises above the limit for this multiplier it will be automatically changed to the maximum possible value.