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==How to use==
==How to use==
==For developers==
==General options==
==General options==
Currently supported CGI Parameters
Currently supported CGI Parameters

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The official Integration Pack

How to use

For developers

General options

Currently supported CGI Parameters

rvi=XXX Virtual Airline ID number
lng=XX Language translation (Coming Soon)
title=off Hide the title of the pages
hub=XXXX Four letter ICAO code, used by Timetable to show flights to and from the selected airport
cli=XXXXXX Link Color, Six letter HTML Color code
clv=XXXXXX Visited Link Color, Six letter HTML Color code
clh=XXXXXX Hover Link Color, Six letter HTML Color code
textcol=XXXXXX Text Color, Six letter HTML Color code
tblcol=XXXXXX Table Heading Background Color, Six letter HTML Color code
tbltextcol=XXXXXX Table Heading Text Color, Six letter HTML Color code
row1=XXXXXX Data Row 1 Color, Six letter HTML Color code
row2=XXXXXX Data Row 2 Color, Six letter HTML Color code


Roster http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/roster.php?rvi=368
Roster ( Alternate ) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/roster_2.php?rvi=368
Fleet http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/fleet.php?rvi=368
Fleet ( Alternate ) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/fleet_2.php?rvi=368
Timetable http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/timetable.php?rvi=368
Timetable ( Alternate ) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/timetable_2.php?rvi=368
Flight Reports ( Pireps ) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/pireps.php?rvi=368
Financial Report http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/finance.php?rvi=368
Reliability Report http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/reliability.php?rvi=368
Pilot Stats http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/pilotstats.php?rvi=368
Monthly Pilot Stats http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/mpilotstats.php?rvi=368
Fleet Stats http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/fleetstats.php?rvi=368
Monthly Fleet Stats http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/mfleetstats.php?rvi=368
Country Stats http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/countrystats.php?rvi=368
Dispatch Office http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/dispatch.php?rvi=368
Pilot Registration & Application (*) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/application.php?rvi=368
Infobox http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/infobox.php?rvi=368
Infobox ( Alternate ) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/infobox2.php?rvi=368
Booked Flights http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/flights_booked.php?rvi=368
Active Flights http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/flights_active.php?rvi=368
Active Flights ( Alternate ) http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/flights_active2.php?rvi=368
Last Flights http://remote.fsairlines.net/beta/lastflights.php?rvi=368


Basic VA data