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The official Integration Pack

How to use

The Integration Pack has been designed for easy integration into any website. There are no special requirements to the webserver. The easiest way to get the data into your own website is by using the <iframe> HTML-Tag. Here's an example HTML-code:

<iframe width="600" height="500" src="">
   <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

The src="..." part determines which data is shown. Just copy the required url from the list of pages. There are several parameters which can be appended to the url. These can be used to change for example the language or the color of the included page. The rvi=xxxx parameter is mandatory and has to be changed to the ID of your own Virtual Airline. All other parameters have to be added with a leading '&' just like the '&title=off' in the example.

For developers

The FSAirlines Integration Pack is Open-Source, so everybody with a developers account can enhance and improve the scripts. All the files are located in the trunk folder of the FSAirlines Subversion repository. We will review all the changes and from time to time publish the current revision under a new version number. You're welcome to implement anything you think is useful, but please stick to the following rules:

  • Please don't do massive layout changes. If you want a completely different look please create a new branch, maybe you can convince us and we will merge it with the Official Integration Pack.
  • Please don't remove any functionality. You're free to extend the scripts, but if you feel like there should be a page with less information, please create a new page.
  • Don't use function calls to the XML-Interface in loops. If you need some different data sets, please ask the developers to add a function for that to the XML-Interface.


Here is a list of all the parameters which are currently supported.

rvi=XXX Virtual Airline ID number (mandatory)
lng=XX Language translation (Coming Soon)
title=off Hide the title of the pages
hub=XXXX Four letter ICAO code, used by Timetable to show flights to and from the selected airport
cli=XXXXXX Link Color, Six letter HTML Color code
clv=XXXXXX Visited Link Color, Six letter HTML Color code
clh=XXXXXX Hover Link Color, Six letter HTML Color code
textcol=XXXXXX Text Color, Six letter HTML Color code
tblcol=XXXXXX Table Heading Background Color, Six letter HTML Color code
tbltextcol=XXXXXX Table Heading Text Color, Six letter HTML Color code
row1=XXXXXX Data Row 1 Color, Six letter HTML Color code
row2=XXXXXX Data Row 2 Color, Six letter HTML Color code


The following table shows all the pages which you can include in your own VA website.

Roster ( Alternate )
Fleet ( Alternate )
Timetable ( Alternate )
Flight Reports ( Pireps )
Financial Report
Reliability Report
Pilot Stats
Monthly Pilot Stats
Fleet Stats
Monthly Fleet Stats
Country Stats
Dispatch Office
Pilot Registration & Application (*)
Infobox ( Alternate )
Booked Flights
Active Flights
Active Flights ( Alternate )
Last Flights


Here can have a look at how the pages of the Integration Pack look like.

Basic VA data