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For each flight you book you will get an individual passenger list which is randomly generated from our database of fake-people. You find it in the Crew Center at Book Flight -> Passenger List. There also is a pdf-download link on the top of the page.

The Fake-People Database

The database consists of female and male given-/surnames which are always connected to a specific country. If there is no name for a certain country a random name will be chosen. If even the country of an airport can't be determined the standard cities 'New York' or 'Frankfurt' will be chosen.

We're always looking for new names from different countries, so feel free to send us some ( The list should be a txt-file with the following format:

Country: Germany



This the current mix of nations in our database:

Country Givennames Surnames
France 99 121
Germany 142 287
Latvia 1097 178
Spain 2602 206
Ukraine 31 68
United Kingdom 247 102
United States 3155 10453