The First Flight

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Once you have setup your fleet and Type-Ratings, you can start flying it in order to earn money.

Step By Step

  • Ok, now, download and install the newest version of the FSAirlines client here.
  • Download and install FSUIPC here.
  • Now, start Flight Simulator.
  • Put the aircraft on the ground at the departure airport with the parking brakes activated
  • Alt-tab out of flight sim, and start FSAirlines (I suggest having a shortcut on the desktop to speed things up.)
  • Now, login to the FSAirlines client.
  • Select the options that are preferred for you. In this case, select the 'use standard fueling method'.
  • On the side, select Flight Information
  • Confirm all the details are correct, then click Fly
  • For this flight, load an appropriate amount of fuel.
  • Click fly now (or whatever the button is) The client should show some stats about where you are, speed, etc.
  • Go back into Flight sim.

  • Power up your engines (turn em on)
  • Release the Parking Brakes.
  • When you taxi past 5nm GROUND SPEED, you'll see a message scroll across the screen. That's the client acknowledging that you are moving, and your flight status is changed from boarding to taxi. Taxi below 20 knots GROUND SPEED. Speeds in excess of that will result in a piloting penalty that goes on your permanent flight record.
  • When you are on the runway, TURN ON YOUR LANDING LIGHTS. If you are ever within 1000ft of the ground (radar altimiter, not barometric) and your lights are off, you will be given a piloting penalty that goes on your permanent flight record.
  • Take off, you'll hear a beep when you leave the runway. (You may exceed 20 knots provided you lift off within 50 seconds of exceeding 20) and climb, do not exceed 250 knots INDICATED airspeed at any time BELOW 10000ft barometric. You'll get a penalty. Turn off your landing lights BEFORE you go above 10000ft barometric, or you'll get a penalty.
  • Fly the route.
  • On the descent, the same rules apply, 250knots MAXIMUM below 10000ft, Landing lights not on above 10000ft(barometric), but on before 1000ft (radar) Even in the daytime.
  • Land, (you have 1 minute after touchdown to reduce your speed below 20 knots GROUND speed) You will hear a beep after landing.
  • Taxi to the parking stand (staying under 20 knots)
  • Turn off the engines and engage the parking brake.

Alt Tab out to view the flight report, click 'end flight' and go through all of the end flight report until you get back to the main screen of the FSAirlines client. Then exit FSAirlines client.

  • Close Flight sim.

(Hint: Penalties will be announced via text by your copilot should you screw up, don't worry if you do, you'll learn, and they arn't a huge deal, however, crashing a plane, or landing atthe wrong airport is a big deal, and your airline will suffer a reputation loss, don't do it!)