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The VA Integration Kit enables Virtual Airlines to integrate FSAirlines into their own website. Using the Kit they can display nearly any kind of data from FSAirlines live on their site or even offer pilots to do some basic tasks without having to visit the FSAirlines website.


The core of the Integration Kit is the XML-Interface-v2. It has been designed to give VA Administrators with the knowledge of advanced web techniques the possibility to create their own layout and perfectly integrate the data into their own website.

You can use this link to view the previous version of the XML-Interface.

Website Integration Packs

Building up on the XML-Interface FSAirlines offers a ready to use Integration Pack consisting of several HTML pages which can be easily integrated into any VA website. This Integration Pack is Open-Source and can be improved or enhanced by anybody. Everybody who made a completely different Integration Pack is also encouraged to put a link on the Integration Packs site.

Developer Account

If you want to help improving the Official FSAirlines Integration Pack or develop your own variant you are free to use our Subversion Repository. Just contact one of the developers and you will be given a user account. The server's url is:


If you don't have any experience with Subversion, please have a look at one of the many tutorials in the internet. We recommend using TortoiseSVN on Windows and SmartSVN on Mac.

Last but not least some rules for the svn repository:

  • If you create your own variant of the Integration Pack please add a new folder in the branch directory for your files and also create and maintain a wiki page about your work.
  • Don't do massive layout changes to the trunk files. Create a new branch if you want to improve the design.
  • Don't use function calls to the XML-Interface inside loops. If you need a different data set, please ask the developers to add a function for that to the XML-Interface.


For more help, information or feature requests please ask in the Integration Kit section of the FSAirlines forums.