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Advertisements are a way for airline managers to promote their VA within the FSAirlines system. At the moment there are two places where advertisements can be placed: At the login-page and at the sidebar of the main page.

Login Ads

Login Ads are images shown at the login-page. Everytime a user goes to the login-page the ad of the next airline will be shown. If you want to see all active ads, there is a 'show all' link on the bottom of the page. If you want to place your image there you have to enter the number of days it will be shown and the size of the image. The costs are calculated in dependance of these values: 500v$ for 350px/day

Sidebar Ads

Sidebar Ads are more expensive than Login Ads as they are shown on the main FSAirlines page. You can enter an up to 255 character text which will be shown below your airline's logo. The advertisements are switched once an hour at 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, ... If there are currently no other active Sidebar Ads your ad will be shown immediately, be sure to buy it shortly after xx:30 then, as you have to pay for one hour even if it doesn't show up for the full 60 minutes.