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AviaNova Virtual at a Glance
CEO Paul Zagryadskiy
Chief Officers
Salary Percentage 5-15%
Alliance Affiliation none
Last updated on 14 September, 2009
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AviaNova Virtual is an low-cost airline operating in Russia. The prices start from 80$. The airline is currently operating 2 A-320's, but it is planning to lease more A-320's till the end of 2009.

Current Fleet

Avianova A-320
Aircraft Total Passengers Registration Notes
Airbus A320 2 (4 on order) 150 EL-EEI, EL-EEL
Total 2 (4 on order)


Destination Aircraft Price Notes
Sochi Airbus A320 100$
Rostov on Don Airbus A320 80$
Krasnodar Airbus A320 100$
Naberezhnye Chelny Airbus A320 80$
Samara Airbus A320 80$
Kazan Airbus A320 100$
Atrakhan Airbus A320 100$


AviaNova Virtual website (in russian)