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Hi Guys,

Just a few notes regarding the new Client v1.2.0 released today and how you may see some changes when you refuel your aircraft. Users of aircraft which are able to use the flight simulation refuelling module will see no apparent change although the client is monitoring your refuelling much more closely. Refuel and start your flight as you normally would changing your fuel/payload as previous client versions. For aircraft that do not use any fancy refuelling modules, the client can change the fuel if it detects an unauthorised refuel. However, if you park at a refuel point, flight sim will fill your tanks. The client will reset the fuel back to where it should be, but then the sim will fill the tanks again. If you leave you aircraft sitting there long enough and the your fuel keeps changing, the client will abort the flight. If you use 'Ctrl + x' to top up your tanks in-flight, the client will change the fuel back to where it was. If you try it too many times the client will abort the flight. The abort flight message will show as a sim message on your screen regardless of what option you have set for sim messages. If you 'leave the cockpit' you may miss the message so check if you have been away from your computer for a break.

For PMDG users you need to understand what the client is doing at the various stages of starting your flight so that you don't panic if you see any warnings and can understand what you need to do to have an event free flight. Please note that the client is unable to change any fuel amounts on PMDG models which have their own refuelling module as the PMDG module blocks any attempts to change fuel.

1. Refuel your aircraft using the PMDG module.

2. Do not pause your sim.

3. Start the client as normal and set any options.

4. Select 'Fly' which takes you to the Fuel page. The client will have read the fuel amounts on your aircraft and entered the values of the current fuel state of your aircraft. DO NOT use the 'Load initial Fuel' button and DO NOT change any of the fuel amounts that the client has entered. At this stage, you may if you wish adjust your fuel using the PMDG module. If you do change fuel with the module note that the client values will not change at this stage.

5. Select 'Fuel Up!' The client will attempt to load the fuel that it had entered at the Fuel page and take you to the Confirm Flight page.

6. At the Confirm Flight Page you will probably have a warning of an unexpected fuel value and that the client couldn't refuel you. This is because the client expects to load the fuel amount it had read at the initial 'Fly' stage. If the value is more that 2kgs difference you will see the warning. If you added fuel using the module then there will be a difference. If you didn't change the fuel amount but have left your engine running you will likely still see the warning as you would probably have burnt more than 2kgs fuel anyway, so there will be a difference. You will note however that the client has correctly read the fuel state of your aircraft as shown at 'Total Fuel'. Adjust payload as required. if you need to re-adjust your fuel, DO NOT use the 'Change' button next to the Total Fuel amount, use the 'Back' button to take you back to the refuelling page. Adjust fuel using the module and select Fuel Up again. When your payload/fuel is adjusted and you are below MZFW/MTOW then select 'Fly'.

7. After selecting Fly, you will be at the main 'Flying' window. The client will try to load the correct fuel as shown on the Confirm Flight page or check that the amount is correct. Please note that there is a small margin for error given between the amounts shown on the Confirm Flight page and the amount read in the Flying page. If you left your engines running whilst loading and have spent a long time between Fuel Up and getting to the Flying page you may have used that margin for error and the client will abort your flight as it will detect a 'mid air refuelling'. If that happens, you will have a Microsoft Windows warning box pop up notifying you the client has aborted the flight. Acknowledge the message and the client will reset itself. If this has happened, don't panic or curse, you are already happy with the fuel load so just select Fly > Fuel Up > Change > Fly and you'll be ready to go in less than a few seconds.

With PMDG if you use the refuelling module after you have started the flight, the client will attempt to change the fuel back to where it was. It will fail to change the fuel and will abort the flight.

I am not a PMDG pilot but I have got a copy of the FS9 and FSX versions and have tested the above 'procedure' in both sims and it works fine. Yes, you can screw it up if you don't do things right or dawdle too long but it isn't rocket science and with a little bit of knowledge as above should get you going 'trouble free with PMDG' - heck, I'm a poet and didn't know it! :lol:

Happy flying Guys.