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Images on FSA Wiki must be tagged to help adhere to copyright laws and identify free material for use. They should also use correctly formatted file names.

Here are some image tagging guidelines and rules of thumb:

  • All images should include a descriptive summary or an image tag.
    • Please tag images on the image description page with one of the tags below so we can keep track of its status. The tags should be put on a line of their own.
    • If the image you are uploading is a placeholder because the image required is unavailable, use the {{missing image}} (Usage) tag.
  • When marking an image as one of the vaguer categories (such as {{Airline image}} (Usage)), try to describe the source of the file or its reason for being here.
  • If multiple categories apply to an image, add all that apply.
  • Along with a tag, specify the source or copyright holder information (if the image is a screenshot taken in-client, this step can be omitted). Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Please put more thought to the file naming of images as well—check the Image list to see if a naming scheme is already in place for the type of image you are uploading.
  • Finally, scroll down to see the whole set of tagging options.

Tagging options

Each image tag takes the form of a template, a short snippet of text that causes an informational box to be displayed on the page under your image and automatically adds appropriate categories to your image. Follow the usage link for each template for complete instructions for that particular image tag.

  • {{copyright image}} (Usage) — If you are uploading a copyrighted image with permission, use the Copyright Image tag. {{Copyright image|copyright holder's name}}
  • {{Repaint Image}} (Usage) — for images used on airline pages that are of repaints of virtual models in the airline's colors.
  • {{Tutorial Image}} (Usage) — for images used in the numerous tutorials published in the FSA Wiki.
  • {{Wiki Image}} (Usage) — for images that are used in official capacity on the FSA wiki or are used in other templates. These images are not to be altered and stiff penalties will be enforced.