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Defer questions of style to Manual of Style or Advanced Article Editing. If you're new to the wiki way, take a look at How to edit a page for help learning how to edit a page.

Article Names

Everything should follow:

File Names

Uploaded files should be named clearly and plainly. All images should have the appropriate image tag included in the file description. For images created by the FSA community, please follow the following naming conventions:

  • Art-Artistname-filename - used for images that are uploaded as fan art or entries for artistic contests. Artistname should be replaced with the forum or account name of the artist and filename is the original name of the file.
  • Avatar-Artistname-filename - used for images used as avatars on the FSA Forums.
  • Pilots-pilotname - used for portrait images illustrating pilot articles.
  • Airlines-airlinename - used for portrait images illustrating airline articles.
  • Alliances-alliancename - used for portrait images illustrating alliance articles.
  • Event-eventname-filename - used for images needed for event articles.
  • Tutorial-tutorialname-filename - used for images illustrating tutorials.


Link to the appropriate categories page at the bottom of an article.

Sample Pages

Because many pages contain information about similar topics, editors have created sample pages of these that can be used as a basis, without having to remember so many templates and formatting styles. These pages are guides only, and need not be used exactly. A good page layout always fits the information it provides.


How To for templates: Wikipedia:Help:Template

(for comments on individual templates go to their discussion pages)

Everyday Infoboxes

These infoboxes are used on everyday articles. Refer to the accompanying "Use" page for instructions on how to use them.

Main Page Namespace Pages

WARNING: These templates feed the main page of the wiki and vandalism on these pages is NOT taken lightly.


  • {{CompactTOC}} (Usage) - for a horizontal, rather than the default vertical, table of contents.
  • {{CompactTOC2}} (Usage) - for a horizontal table of contents (also contains anchors to see also and external links sections).
  • {{Fn}} (Usage) - footnotes
  • {{Release}} (Usage) - for release date links (see the comment inside the template for more information).
  • {{Technical issue}} (Usage) - for technical issues
  • {{TOCright}} (Usage) - to create a right-aligned table of contents
  • {{wrongtitle}} (Usage) - to indicate a title which cannot be properly replicated due to technical limitations


  • {{Cleanup}} (Usage) - for articles that need to be cleaned up to a higher standard of quality.
  • {{Cleanupfor}} (Usage) - for providing a more information on areas that need cleaning.
  • {{Disputed}} (Usage) - for articles that contain factual inaccuracies or questionable statements with no references.
  • {{Dubious}} (Usage) - this should be used in conjunction with {{Disputed}} (Usage); insert the template after the dubious statement. Voice your opinion on the article's talk page.
  • {{Lowres}} (Usage) - for images whose resolution makes it unsuitable.
  • {{Indevelopment}} (Usage) - for templates currently in development; a 'template in beta' message
  • {{Inuse}} (Usage) - for articles currently undergoing a major edit by an editor; you can also use {{Inusefor}} (Usage) or {{Inuseuntil}} (Usage) as necessary.
  • {{NPOV}} (Usage) - for articles where a neutral point of view may not be present.
  • {{Third person}} (Usage) - for articles that need to be rewritten in third person.

Article/Image Sources

For a complete list of image tags, please see FSA:Image tags.

Airplane Article Sub-templates


  • Various assorted templates for marking pages for deletion can be found under deletion.


  • Various templates for languages on user pages can be found at Help:Language.
  • The template for adding language templates to the Help:Language page is {{Languages}} (Usage) (see instructions on talk page).
  • The template for adding language boxes like the one seen at Category:User es can be found at {{UsersSpeak}} (Usage) (see instructions on talk page).


  • {{airlinestub}} (Usage) - For airline articles that need some more length.
  • {{airplanestub}} (Usage) - For airplane articles that need some more length.
  • {{airportstub}} (Usage) - For airport articles that need some more length.
  • {{alliancestub}} (Usage) - For allaince articles that could use some more length.
  • {{pilotstub}} (Usage) - For pilot articles that could use some more length.
  • {{sectstub}} (Usage) - For sections of articles that could use some more length.
  • {{stub}} (Usage) - For other articles that need some more length.

Warnings for talk pages

These templates should be used with the subst: keyword preceding the template name. This copies the text to the including page, rather than transcluding it.

  • {{Butchery Airline}} (Usage) - For warning people to mark an airline page as defunct, rather than blanking
  • {{Butchery Alliance}} (Usage) - For warning people to mark an alliance page as defunct, rather than blanking.
  • {{Frequency}} (Usage) - For cases of unusually frequent article editing, rather than previewing.
  • {{Test}} (Usage) - For lightly warning people for vandalism.
  • {{Test2}} (Usage) - For a second vandalism warning.
  • {{Test3}} (Usage) - For a third vandalism warning.
  • {{TestFinal}} (Usage) - For a fourth and final vandalism warning, not to be taken lightly.
  • {{Test explain}} (Usage) - Allows adding of extra explanation to the standard test template.