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New Dawn Airlines at a Glance
CEO Leo Outlaw
Chief Officers
Salary Percentage Polit 12% of VA-income

Chief Executive Officer: 20% of VA-income Hub Manager: 17% of VA-income Senior Pilot: 15% of VA-income

Alliance Affiliation
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== New Dawn Airlines ==

New Dawn Virtual Airlines is a pristine virtual airline that serves travelers throughout the virtual aviation world. We have worked hard to bring flight simulation to a new level with a sense of community and friendship. If you are bored with flying alone on Flight Simulator, we encourage you to try out the unique experience of flying New Dawn

The mission of New Dawn Virtual Airlines is to advance the virtual aviation hobby through enhancing the experience of virtual aviation enthusiasts around the globe. In accordance with our steadfast belief in the spirit and freedom of flight, we strive to provide a realistic community open to pilots and enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels. This, our ultimate goal, is accomplished primarily through the creation and maintenance of a state of the art automated website with features befitting the finest of the world's virtual airilnes. Looking always to the future, and realizing the good is ever the enemy of the best, we do not seek merely the good, but the best. There is ever before us the ideal of excellence...