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PLatin Wings at a Glance
CEO Halil Gürsoy
Chief Officers
Salary Percentage 15-30%
Alliance Affiliation World Alliance
Founded 2 March, 2008
Last updated on 10 March, 2009
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PLatin Wings Corp is the holding company of the five airlines in PLatin Wings Group:PLatin Wings Mauritius, PLatin Travel, Anatolian Express, PLatin Wings Hong Kong, PLatin Cargo. PLatin Wings operates a mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. We do our flights on VATSIM but we are NOT a VATSIM member. PLatin Wings is also a founding member of the World Alliance.


PLatin Wings was founded as a sole airline in Istanbul, Turkey on 2 March 2008. PLatin Wings started operations with a flight from Istanbul to Izmir with a leased DC-3.At then, PLatin Wings only operated domestic flights in Turkey and some flights to Europe. After a few weeks, PLatin Wings leased an Airbus A380 from an airline in Colombia which was a milestone for the airline. With the lease of the A380, the airline started a rapid growth which gave the airline the opportuntiy to buy new aircrafts and open up new routes

In April 2008, the airline opened a new subsidary charter airline based in Antalya, which was called `PLatin Travel`. The new charter airline started operations with a flight from Antalya to Bodrum with a B737-300.

On 4 May 2008, the airline`s board of directors decided to move the airlines main base to Mauritius(FIMP) and decided to restructre the airline by creating a holding company called `PLatin Wings Co.` based in Mauritius. The holding company would own the two airlines which were based in Mauritius and Antalya. The mainline airline which was based in Mauritius was called `PLatin Wİngs Mauritius`, while PLatin Travel remained the same.

On 1 June 2008, the board of directing decided to create a new subsidary airline which was based in Ankara called `Anatolion Express`. In September 2008, cargo operations started with a new subsidary airline called `PLatin Cargo`.

On 27 June 2009, the board of directing decided to move the holding company `PLatin Wings Corp.` back to Istanbul, where the airline was originally based. Meanwhile, a new subsidary airline called `PLatin Wings Hong Kong` which was based in Hong Kong was created.

Now PLatin Wings Corp. is the holding company of the PLatin Wings Group airlines, and is headquartered in Istanbul, even if it doesn't have an airline currently based in the city.

The PLatin Wings Group Airlines are the following:

PLatin Wings Mauritius

PLatin Wings Mauritius is the biggest airline in PLatin Wings Corp. It`s main base is Mauritius Sir Seewasagur Ramgoolam Int. Airport(FIMP). It currently operates a mixed fleet of 28 aircrafts from both Boeing and Airbus for flights to all around the world. It`s flights features both Economy and Business Class on all flights and PLatin Class on the B777-300ER`s and the B777-200LR`s.

PLatin Travel

PLatin Travel is a charter airline based in Antalya Int. Airport(LTAI) that is a fully owned subsidary of PLatin Wings Co. PLatin Travel also has a hub in St. Maarten, serving the Carribiean and USA from there.PLatin Travel operates flights to some of the most popular holiday destinations all around the world. It operates Economy and Premium Economy on all of it`s flights.

Anatolian Express

Anatolian Express is a low cost airline based in Ankara Eseboga Int. Airport(LTAC) that is a fully owned subsidary of PLatin Wings Co. Anatolian Express operates low cost, domestic flights in Turkey; from Ankara with a fleet of A319`s and B737 Classic`s. It operates all-Economy Class on it`s flights.

PLatin Wings Hong Kong

PLatin Wings Hong Kong is the newest airline in PLatin Wings Corp. It`s main base is Hong Kong Int. Airport(VHHH) and it serves the whole world -mainly Asia- with an all Airbus fleet of 17. PLatin Wings Hong Kong operates both Economy and Bussines Class on all flights.


PLatin Wings Corp.
Aircraft Total Passengers Routes Notes
Airbus A319 11(2 Leased, 2 orders) 124 Domestic Flights In Turkey; China,Japan,South Korea,Vietnam 7 of Anatolian Express, 4 of PLatin Wings Hong Kong
Airbus A320 17(10 leased,3 Orders) 150 Southern and Central Africa,India,Seychelles; China, Malaysia,Taiwan; Carribean,USA 11 of PLatin Wings Mauritius, 5 of PLatin Wings Hong Kong, 1 of PLatin Travel
Airbus A321 9 (7 Leased,3 Orders) 185 Southern And Central Africa,India,Seychelles; China,Japan,Phillipines,Myanmar,South Korea 5 of PLatin Wings Mauritius, 4 of PLatin Wings Hong Kong
Airbus A330-200 5(4 Leased,3 Orders) 305 Carribiean,Florida; Germany,UK,Dubai,India 3 of PLatin Travel, 2 of PLatin Wings Hong Kong
Airbus A330-300 7(6 Orders) 335 Europe,South Africa,India,Asia,Australia PLatin Wings Mauritius
Airbus A340-600 3(Leased) 380 USA,Japan,Sydney,Melbourne PLatin Wings Hong Kong
ATR 72-500 1 (2 Orders) 65 Reunion,Rodriguez
Boeing 737-400 6 144 Domestic Flights In Turkey Being Phased Out,Anatolian Express
Boeing 737-500 5 117 Domestic Flights In Turkey Being phased Out,Anatolian Express
Boeing 737-700 5(3 Leased) 130 Europe,Middle East PLatin Travel
Boeing B737-900ER 3(3 orders) 185 Asia,Europe,Middle East PLatin Travel
Boeing 757-300 1 (4 Orders) 215 Europe,Asia PLatin Travel
Boeing 767-300ER 7 (Leased)) 260 St. Maarten,Canada,USA,Thailand,Seychelles,Maldives,Comoros,Gambia PLatin Travel
Boeing 777-200LR 1 (Leased,3 Orders) 305 Canada,USA,South America
Boeing 777-300ER 4 (2 leased,3 Orders) 372 Europe,Asia,India,Australia,South America Fitted With PLatin Class(Suites),PLatin Wings Mauritius
Total 64 (33 Orders)