Private Flights

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Private Flights are just another fun way to spend the money you earned on commercial flights. You can't make any profit with them but isn't it great to do some relaxed VFR flights after work.

Buy private aircraft

You can buy private aircraft by clicking on Buy aircraft on the Hangar page. You have the choice between buying directly from the manufacturer (manufacturer list) or looking into the traders list to see if you can get a cheap aircraft from another user.

File a flightplan

Private flights cannot be booked like normal commercial flights. You have to file a flightplan. This can be done by clicking on File flightplan on the Hangar page. As always you can only file a flightplan if there is at least one of your private aircraft at your current location.

On the flightplan you have to enter:

  • AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION: The Registration of the aircraft you want to fly
  • DESTINATION AERODROME: The ICAO-Code of your destination
  • TIME: The time of your departure (e.g.: 1230)
  • TOTAL EET: Your enroute time (e.g.: 2h 30min)

If your flightplan is accepted after clicking on Send flightplan you can start the Client and do your private flight just like you would do a normal commercial flight. Only difference is that you won't have any passengers/cargo and there's no multiplier. You just have to pay for the fuel you're using.