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Truster Airways at a Glance
CEO Gleb Liashedko
Chief Officers
Salary Percentage 3-25%
Alliance Affiliation None
Founded 10 October, 2010
Last updated on 10 March, 2009
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Truster Airways (ICAO: TRU |IATA: TA) is an intercontinental airline based in Spokane, Washington, United States. It operates domestic, and international flights.

History and Development

Truster Airways was founded on October 10th, 2010 in Spokane, Washington by Gleb Liashedko who is still the president of the airline to this day. Airline started operating domestic flights with a new purchased Boeing 737-400 which operated flights in Western U.S.. Truster expanded its network by flying to Eastern U.S and the Caribbean with it's 737-400. Later on a Learjet 45 was purchased to expand more flights. The Lear-45 was the first Truster-Airplane to operate in Europe. Truster Lear-45 operated its first flights within Ukraine. After a long period of service, Truster purchased it's first wide body jetliner, a popular Airbus A330. With Purchase of a330 Truster expanded its network, making international flights to Europe. Airbus a330 boosted airline to a next level which soon helped buy a Boeing 747-400, and other aircraft.

From the day Truster Airways was founded, it's an active airline which operates with 2 Hubs; Spokane International Airport, and Frankfurt International Airport. Truster Airways network expands from Western U.S to Caribbean, and to Europe.


Since the September of 2011 Truster Airways operates to the fallowing destinations:




North America

Middle East


Since the November of 2011 Truster Airways fleet consists of the fallowing aircraft:

Truster Airways Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Options Notes
Airbus A320 5 1 0
Airbus A321-200 2 0 0 One is being sold
Airbus A330-300 1 0 0
Airbus A380-800 1 4 1 Deliveries in 2012
Boeing 737-400 1 0 0 Mostly used for training
Boeing 737-800 2 1 4 Used in Australia
Boeing 747-400 2 0 0 One used for domestic routes
Boeing 757-200 1 0 0
Bombardier CRJ-700 1 0 0
DHC-6 Twin Otter 1 0 0
Bombardier LearJet-45 1 0 0 Used for training only
Total 18 6 5


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