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A pilot's profile contains all the information about them. It is also where CEOs of airlines can assign pilots their VA-ID, type ratings, rank, ground the pilot, kick(or fire) the pilot and tip the pilot.

Pilot Features

The following features are available to the pilot who "owns" the profile any time that they view it while logged in.

Buy Ticket

By clicking on the buy ticket link, any pilot can buy a ticket to an airport at which they are not currently located at. This will help the pilot reach their aircraft in order to fly them.

Delete Account

By clicking this option, you are prompted with a question as to whether or not you would like to delete your account. Once someone has clicked yes, it is unreversable and will be a permanent deletion from the FSAirlines system.

Edit Profile

By clicking this link, you are able to edit your own profile. Here you can edit the following fields:

First Name, Surname, Username, New Password, E-Mail, Signature Aircraft, Timezone, Language, Unit of Weight, Style, Personal Picture.

First Name

This is the first name that will show whenever your signature is seen as well as when anyone views the VA that you have joined.


This is your last or suname that will be shown in the same circumstances as when your first name would be seen by other users.


Your username is the username you use to log in. Also, it is the username that we ask you to use here on the wiki.

New Password

Here you can establish a new password for yourself that you'll use to log in. Remember though that this does not change your password on the wiki.


This is where you can place your email address where you will recieve email notifications if you have chosen to do so.

Signature Aircraft

Here, you can select which aircraft you would like to have displayed in your signature which is on the bottom of the page and can be linked to on the forums.


This is where you can select your timezeone that will affect all of the times that you see in your message box, VA and logbook. The default timezone is GMT.


By selecting a language, all text will be displayed in that language. Note that not all languages are available. The default language is English which is abbreviated en. The languages available currently are: English.

Unit of Weight

This option allows you to select to see your weight of cargo, passengers and fuel in either pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg).


This is where you can select the style of the website you view. The new version has more flashy logos and they are larger than the classic ones. The classic version has smaller logos and are smaller but is also the old style of FSAirlines for those who have been with FSA since FLYNET.

Personal Picture

Here you can upload your own personal picture of yourself. It can not be larger that 100x150 pixels, it must be a .jpg file and the file size can not exceed 40kb.

Quit VA

By selecting this link, you can opt to quit your current VA and either establish a new one with you as the CEO or join an existing virtual airline.

CEO Features

The following features can only be accessed by CEOs or other ranks in your own VA that have been given this privelage.

Assign VA-ID

From here, your Virtual Airline ID can be changed. This ID is what designates you as a pilot such as QXE101 or WKI001.

Assign Typeratings

From here, typeratings can be assigned. Typeratings come in two different forms, a training rating and a full typerating.

Training Typerating

A training typerating allows you to fly training flights with the aircraft you have the rating for but you do not earn any profit from those flights.

Full Typerating

Once a full typerating is given to a user, they may fly actual flights with the aircraft specified by the rating and they will earn profit from these flights.

Assign Rank

A rank may be assigned to a pilot from the assign rank link, this allows an executive of a virtual airline to assign the pilot a rank that can range from Trainee to CEO.

Ground Pilot

Here a pilot can be grounded if the CEO feels that it needs to be done. You will be grounded automatically if you crash a flight until the CEO ungrounds you.

Kick Pilot

A CEO can kick(or fire) a pilot from their virtual airline if they feel it nessecary.

Tip Pilot

Here the CEO can tip the pilot some money from the virtual airline's budget. The amount of money given to the pilot times the current multiplier will be deducted from the VA's budget.

Booked Flight

Here, if a pilot has booked a flight it will show here with the departure and arrival airports, virtual airline, boarding time, aircraft time and flight number.

Last 5 Flights

Here a pilots last five flights are shown with the departure airport, arrival airport, time of arrive, passengers moved, type of aircraft, distance, rating, salary and income for their VA. You can also click show all to view the pilot's logbook.


Here a list of all typeratings of any type that the pilot possess are shown here.


Awards are automatically awarded on variety of criteria at the end of each month to pilots based on the Statistics page.


Here a pilot's image signature is shown, it displays the pilots name, overall rank in the system, virtual airline and the amount of hours and nautical miles flown.