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On your fleet page you can manage all your aircraft. You can switch between your different fleets, the unassigend aircraft (not assigned to a fleet) and your aircraft which is leased to other airline. For each aircraft there is a green/orange/red dot shown which indicates that your aircraft is either free for booking, currently enroute or in maintenance/transfer/currently booked. Just hover over the dot to see the reason for the current color.

Fleet options

On the top of the page you find some links (if you have the fleet manager rights) to manage your fleets.

Create Fleet

Create a new fleet.

Delete Fleet

Delete the currently selected fleet.

Rename Fleet

Rename the currently selected fleet.

Assign Aircraft

Assign aircraft (unassigend or from another fleet) to the selected fleet.

Buy/Lease Aircraft

Here you can buy or lease aircraft.

Aircraft options

Next to each aircraft are some buttons (if you have the necessary rights) where you can manage the individual aircraft.

Aircraft info

Next to each aircraft is a info button which leads to the aircraft info page.

Repair aircraft

By clicking on this button you can repair your aircraft.

Transfer aircraft

Here you can transfer your aircraft to another location. Transfers aren't performed instantly, the usual flight time for this distance is taken to determine how long the transfer takes.

Sell aircraft

This is where you can sell/lease/scrap your aircraft.