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If you don't want your aircraft anymore or you just need the money then you can sell, lease, or scrap it by clicking on the $-button on the fleets page.

Sell aircraft

If you want to put it on the traders list you have to first choose a price (something between 50% and 100% of the aircraft value). Then you can choose if you want your offer to be visible to just one certain airline or everbody.

Lease aircraft

If you decide to lease your aircraft you have a lot of possibilities for the leasing contract.

First payment

The money you get with the first payment

Weekly payment

The money you get every week during the leasing period


Here you can enter the leasing period. When the period is over the aircraft will be automatically returned to your fleet.

Return To

Enter an airport where you want the aircraft to be returned to after the leasing.


Add a deposit which is fully refunded by your airline after the leasing.

Must repair if status below

Choose a minimum status where the leaser has to repair the aircraft.


Same as when selling an aircraft. You can choose if you want the offer to be visible to only a certain airline or everybody.

Scrap aircraft

Not much you can do there. If you accept the price offered for the scrapped parts you can scrap your aircraft here.