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The Virtual Airline Rank is a rank which is given to each pilot individually by the airline. It can come with several privileges and restrictions.

Add/Edit VA Rank

CEOs or pilots with the right to edit VA settings can add or edit ranks by clicking on edit VA settings on the Virtual Airline Overview page. The following information must be set:


Full name of the rank. Shown on the Signature and the Pilot Profile.

Short Name

Short name of the rank (max. 10 character). Shown on the Virtual Airline Overview page.

Change VA settings

Allow changing of VA settings: Manage ranks and set general VA settings.

Handle Pilots

Allow overseeing of pilots: Allow/Decline applications, assign ranks, assing type ratings, kick pilots.

Manage Flights

Allow overseeing of flights: Create/Delete routes.

Manage Partnerships

Allow overseeing of partnerships. Request/Decline/Accept partnerships, request/decline/accept codeshares.

Handle Advertisements

Allow adding/editing of advertisements.

Ground pilot when aircraft crashed

Can be set individually for each rank.

Handle aircraft

Allow pilot to repair/transfer aircraft and change aircraft registration/image (can be set for a certain fleet only).

Manage fleet

Allow pilot to buy/sell/lease aircraft (can be set for a certain fleet only).

Allow usage of fleet

Allow pilot to use one or more certain fleets.

Pilot salary

Can be set to standard or a custom rate.